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About us.

VisionAnchor, smart anchor buoy is the first of many product of the company SeaVision d.o.o. incorporated in Slovenia in 2020.

The mission of the company is to make anchoring safer and smarter for all captains on the world.

To help people around the world be safer onboard their vessels, respect and help preserve marine life on our planet.
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SeaVision Mission

We give you the information that improves your life at sea and makes you feel safer and more confident on and off boat. We are also doing everything we can to ensure the sea will survive for future generations.
Mission Statement

Our mission is to make shore, everyone is safe and care free on board their vessel.
We started this voyage with the mission of becoming a leader company in the field of anchoring security and in doing so we are also encouraging all captains to take care of the sea bed thay are anchoring at and keep it intack as much as possible so future generations will have the opportunity to witness the same marvules see life as we have today. There is only one sea (well actually 7, but…) we have to take care of it for the future sailors.

We have started this journey because we believe there are technologies in information available to help people be more safe on their boats and to help them preserve the sea bed as much as possible. 
SeaVision captains
Matija Jašarov - CEO

Licenced captain and boat owner

Anchoring since: 2019


Leader with a diverse set of skills, an eye for design and an ear for music.

Charming captain by day and a Pirate by night. Educated musician, video producer and entrepreneur with a few startup ventures under his hand.
Sea and seafood lover.

SeaVision Crew
Aleš Jaklič
Senior hardware developer

Licenced captain and boat owner

Anchoring since: 2019

Boat: Motor - Sail 

SQUARE-191A8061_ Anže-2.jpg
Anže Peklenk - CTO

Licenced captain and boat owner

Anchoring since: 2019


Inventor and a multitasking project manager. Successfully juggling more than 500 translator in his Kibord startup and inventing new stuff in his spare time.
The first time he saw the power of the open sea was on XXXX as crew on a cargo ship sailing from Belfast to Belgium and back.
When he is not sitting behind his desk, he is probably resting on the couch in the office.

Petra  Maršič
Hardware developer

Went on a boat once, puked and that was that.

Andrej Podbevšek VisionAnchor.jpg
Andrej Podbevšek - CMO

Licenced captain and boat owner Elan Y model 8m

Anchoring since: 1998

Sail boat


Startup entrepreneur and videographer with a sense of humor. Working in video marketing over a decade and teaching young entrepreneurs how to achieve their dreams.
Part of the team that put SipaBoards on the market. The world's first Jet propelled standup paddle board (e-SUP).

When he is not at sea, sailing or diving, you will most likely find him in the mountains. Hiking, climbing or skiing in the winter. 

Matic Tomaževič 


Matic is a big Marjetica fan.

Our Story.

The story behind the VisionAnchor smart anchoring system that helps captains monitor their anchor and ensures a good night sleep when anchored at night.


Anže and Matija earned their captain’s license and went on their “maiden voyage” with a small rubber boat they rented in Croatia next to the island of Krk. They anchored the boat successfully but when it was time to leave, the anchor did not want to come with them. It stayed under the sea. Where? Nobody knows. This happened because the D shackle link between the anchor and the chain was in poor condition and it got loose during the anchoring process. Upset and defeated, Matija and Anže went back to shore and had to buy a new anchor so they could return the boat to the rental company.

But that got them thinking: How come anchoring has not changed since … well, the beginning of time. We have so many smart devices in our pockets, our watches, even our cars are smart, but anchors are still this “stupid” iron shape athached to a chain that you throw in the water and “hope for the best''.

The initial idea was to attach a camera to the anchor so you could actually see how your anchor sets and what the seabed is like. Sand, mud, big rocks, underwater plants or cables … The problem is of course the wifi connection under water. Andrej, who had years of experience on his family sailboat Elan Y, suggested a smart anchor buoy with a camera that attaches to the anchor. The anchor buoy is located above water so it can communicate with WiFi or LTE technology. 

And so the VisionAnchor smart anchoring system was born.

Good winds to all and may your anchor always hold.

Sail Boats

Company info

(eng. Translation: underwater technology)

Activity: Merilni sistemi in naprave
ng. Translation:Measuring systems and devices)
Stranska vas 17B, Stranska vas, 1356 Dobrova

VAT number: SI84975636
IBAN: SI56 0231 0026 3466 075
Company’s registration number:

Incorporation date: 
20. 8. 2020
Cofounder: Matija Jašarov
Cofounder: Peklenk Anže
Cofounder: Podbevšek Andrej
More data form the Slovenian national database:

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VisionAnchor transparent.png
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Corals Under the Sea


The company was founded by Matija Jašarov, Anže Peklenk and Andrej Podbevšek. Later on the company was founded by EIT Digital and an Angel investor Oliver Weidmann from WEIDMANN-PAULSSON HOLDINGAG - Switzerland.
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Supported By

“VisionAnchor has been supported within the EIT Digital Venture Program 2020 and has been co-funded by EIT Digital. The EIT Digital Venture Program is an ARISE Europe activity.”

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Presale starts on 17th November 2021 at 10AM Central European Time (CET). There is a limited number of presale items (100). 



Company Info

SeaVision, d.o.o.

Stranska vas 17b

SI-1356 Dobrova

VAT: SI84975636

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