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No Bulls**t Anchor Buoy
VisionAnchor Ø 

VisionAnchor Ø is an anchor buoy that shows the position of your anchor on the water surface 

- No more crossing anchor lines 

- See your anchor position at night

- Always stays above the anchor, so no drag

- Modular design makes replacement easy

- Unstick you anchor with 200kg resistance cable 

- Innovative design keeps people from tying on it

- Upgradable to GPS buoy

Total Amount

349,90 EUR + VAT


100% money-back guarantee​.

Units ship in March 2024.
Test the unit out before shipment

What is in the Box

inthebox copy.jpg
Why use an anchor buoy?

You can monitor the position of your anchor better as the buoy is on top of the anchor at all times.

The self-retracting module will hold the buoy's position in place even in stronger currents.

If your anchor gets stuck under rocks you can easily pull it out, as the buoy's rope is attached to the crown of the anchor. With 400 kg of pulling force your anchor will surely get unstuck so there is no more need of cutting the ropes or diving underwater.

In busy bays others will know where your anchor is set, so they can avoid anchoring over your anchor and chain.

VisionAnchor Ø  in Action

Projected Timeline

Pre-sale campaign

Autumn 2021

Production line set up

Early 2022

Product roadshow

Mid 2022

Product shipping

Autumn 2022

Will VisionAnchor work with my yacht?

VisionAnchor will work with most vessels, but click below to check and we'll make sure it does.


360° Anchoring System

A high-resolution video camera is connected to an anchor buoy,
so you can attach it to any anchor.

HI-RES Camera

See the sea bed with exceptional clarity with your Full HD underwater camera system.

Night Vision

See during the night with IR LED lights so you can always have peace of mind.

Location Tracking

VisionAnchor uses advanced location tracking systems to keep track of anchor's position.

Anchoring Assistance

See exactly where you’ll drop anchor, so you know you’re anchoring in the perfect spot.

Anchor Alarm

Sleep like a baby. An alarm will go off if your anchor moves more than 2m, so you can react in time.

Wireless Charging

The battery will last for a few days with moderate use. Lift anchor and charge VisionAnchor wirelessly.

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Supported By

“VisionAnchor has been supported within the EIT Digital Venture Program 2020 and has been co-funded by EIT Digital. The EIT Digital Venture Program is an ARISE Europe activity.”

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Presale starts on 17th November 2021 at 10AM Central European Time (CET). There is a limited number of presale items (100). 




Company Info

SeaVision, d.o.o.

Stranska vas 17b

SI-1356 Dobrova

VAT: SI84975636

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