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Save 200€ by reserving
your VisionAnchor S today.

Lock in your discount with a 49€ deposit. When units are ready for shipping in July, we'll notify you to cover the difference.

A 49€ deposit now secures one of the first 100 units for you delivered in June, along with other benefits:

✔ ️ No subscription for life! (first 100 units)

✔ ️ Pay just 799€ + shipping instead of 999€

✔ ️ Deliveries starting in July 2024!  

✔ ️ Stress-free anchoring

Why do you collect reservations?

It helps us determine how many units to produce, so we avoid over producing, it's better for the environment, and we all get a win from it!

Can I cancel my reservation?

Of course, you can cancel your reservation at anytime by sending an email to

When will you ship my VisionAnchor S?

We plan to start shipping the first 100 units in June in order of reservations. We will notify you when the unit is ready and you will have 15 days to confirm your order and pay the remaining price (750€).

When will I confirm my shipping details?

You confirm your final shipping details at the time of the remaining payment (750€).

Meet Justin

Justin is one of our first beta testers currently sailing around Corfu in Greece on his Beneteau 54. 


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